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5/26/04 - UNCA decides to pursue other alternatives to accommodate the parking needs of their record incoming freshman class.

THANK YOU to UNCA and to all the volunteers that made this campaign a success!

UNCA may remove part of the highest quality urban forest in Asheville to build a parking lot. Are you going to let that happen?

UNCA Urban Forest
Proposed area for parking lot just off WT Weaver Boulevard, at the entrance to the Forest Service Research Station.
Map not to scale.

In late spring 2004, the community discovered that UNCA had proposed a plan to build a 300-car parking lot on 2.5 acres of mature pine forest on the corner of WT Weaver and Broadway by fall 2004. Community members learned about the project after a concerned citizen posted a notice on the trail entrance of this park, known as the UNCA Urban Forest.

Friends of the UNCA Urban Forest formed to represent the voices of community members who appreciate and love this forest. We are a group of concerned citizens—including students, alumni, faculty, neighborhood residents, community organizations, and local business owners—who oppose the destruction of the forest as a short-term solution to UNCA’s ever increasing parking problem. We advocate alternative transportation and sustainable solutions to the challenges that accompany UNCA’s growth. We are committed to researching alternatives as a community service to UNCA. Finally, we are committed to permanently protecting Asheville’s most valued urban forest.

Please join our campaign. We need your support!

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Let UNCA know they made the right decision by writing a "Thank you" letter to Steve Baxley & Chancellor Jim Mullen.

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